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Welcome to Nandhini Restaurant - Jayanagar

The Andhra Culinary Tradition

The celebrated Andhra Cuisine is a product of many rich influences like the glorious history and culture of its zestful and vigorous land. It has its roots in the Southern cooking tradition with each of Andhra Pradesh’s three regions namely-the Coast, Rayalseema and the Telangana having their own distinctive cooking styles. The Nawabs brought with them the Deccani style of cooking which drew influences from the Mughlai cuisine. As time passed the two cooking traditions influenced each other leading to the culmination of the Andhra fare as we know it today.

While the fiery chillies and peppers and the staple use of rice in the cuisine can be attributed to the original Southern style of cooking, the dollops of ghee, use of fresh fruits instead of dried ones and the non-vegetarian specialities are all typical Nawabi traits.

All in all there is no dearth of variety for foodies as far as Andhra cuisine is concerned. Whether it’s the traditional Andhra meal served on a plantain leaf with the quintessentially spicy & tangy vegetable sambhars, gravies, Avakkai, Gongura pickles and chutneys to be relished with rice, or the mouthwatering array of biriyanis, top of the list being the Hyderabadi Biriyani, the kebabs, kormas, khichris or kulchas Andhra cuisine is a lip-smacking treat all the way.

Nandhini & Andhra: Down the Spice Route

For almost two decades now, the Nandhini restaurants have become synonymous with Andhra food in Bangalore and till date as far as savouring a traditional Andhra treat in the city is concerned, everybody heads to the nearest Nandhini restaurant. The reasons for this kind of continued loyalty from customers are so many.

Nandhini goes to great lengths in order to maintain the highest standards of authenticity in the food department. Right from bringing in chefs from Hyderabad and Nellore who adhere to the traditionally handed down recipes, to the choice of ingredients which include specially picked spices, to the cooking methods, Nandhini makes sure that the food is bona fide Andhra.

The appetizing Biriyanis, Guntur Chicken Dry, Chaapala Pulusu, the traditional rice plate and quite a few vegetarian dishes which are cooked in a separate kitchen are some of the hot favourites. This apart the warm service, the comfortable, ethnic ambience and the neat and orderly maintenance all add to complete the charm.

So get ready to relish the flavours of Andhra!

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